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Conversions don't happen by chance. 


Our goal is to take unnecessary stress off of your sales team so that they can focus on what they do best: conversing with prospects to close the sale. Engaging sales tools can help by alleviating risk and inspiring confidence in your offer before the customer even picks up the phone. To accomplish this, we'll work to deliver poised content alongside enlightening "pop-outs" to transform your readers into true believers.  

Because with us, conversions happen by design.

Scroll down to explore our work, process, and rates. 


"Be genuine. Be remarkable. Be worth connecting with."
- Seth Godin


Pick your style and we'll show you ours.


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Our Process

  • Establish a plan.

    We’ll start with your sales strategy. Why are we creating this content? Who is it for? What does “success” look like? If you have a clearly defined vision and a plan for making it a reality, you’re far more likely to obtain loyal customers and steady conversions. We’ll work with you to establish this plan early on - before a single sentence is written. As they say, “work smart, not hard.”

  • Conduct the research.

    Once we know where we’re going, we’ll dive into the research. Whatever your sales pitch, it’s nothing without verifiable facts to back you up. We’ll sift through the clutter of the web to find those stats and figures, and then organize them into a cohesive outline or plan of action for your approval.

  • Design the content.

    Once you give us the green light, we’ll crack our knuckles then get to work drafting the bulk of your copy in our business casual style. And while jargon or business terminology may be necessary from time to time, we’ll work to ensure that the material is never dry and always easy to follow. Why? Because if your reader falls asleep, they won’t be buying much of anything.

  • Create the wow.

    After creating the bulk of the material, we’ll go back through the document to handcraft essential “pop-outs” - quotes, figures, text for graphics, and stand alone bits of information by way of captions or brief descriptions. This is where we can get truly creative with how we present some of the traditionally “boring” details. Expect bold headlines, magnetic asides, and genuine authenticity to come shining through.

Our Rates

With so many different options available in terms of sales tools, we do our best to remain as flexible as possible. A minimum investment of $300 (equivalent to a five-hour sprint) is available for smaller projects; however, the larger the project, the more time we will need. For instance, a short eBook or sales guide will most likely require 10-20 hrs, or an investment of $600-1200. Or, if you have older content that merely needs a facelift, we can offer copyediting for $40/hr. 



  1. What if I already have older sales tools that just need to be revamped? 
    Our copyediting services are offered at $40/hr (as opposed to $60/hr for original work), and we'll work quickly to clean up or modernize something that you're not happy with. This provides instant gratification while also serving as a great low-risk test project to see if we're a good fit together. 
  2. Do you offer design services as well? 
    While we do have some modest design skills, we only offer this service on a case-by-case basis. If what you're looking for in terms of design is within our wheelhouse, we're happy to oblige. We're also very comfortable collaborating with outside design teams and working around existing design elements.
  3. What do I need to provide?
    Ideally, you'd have a strategy as to what you're trying to achieve with any given sales tool. We would also welcome a topic, some outside research, a list of sources, a breakdown of the competition, previous sales materials, branding guides...basically, anything that's relevant. We love input
  4. What if I don't have that? 
    Don't sweat it. Research is kind of our thing. We'll hunt relentlessly for the source material and fabric needed to thread your piece together. We can also do a quick phone interview with you or anyone else involved in the project who might be able to provide additional insights.
  5. Are there discounts if I buy in bulk? 
    You bet. Once a working relationship has been established and it's clear we're a good fit together, we can apply a 10% discount for 6-12 month retainers. 

Have Us Craft Your Next Sales Tool

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Do you have a deadline?

This Service can include:

All copy for your sales tools, additional research, curated quotes or case studies, stats & figures arranged for pop-outs or graphics, design consults, and copyediting of older material. 

If you'd like to learn more about this service, please contact us here.


We work in mostly 5-10 hour time blocks (or sprints) and payment is always due upfront. If, for any reason, the project must be stalled, cancelled, or abandoned, we will not issue a refund for the order. However, we can hold your remaining hours on our books for up to 90 days, should you wish to continue the project at no additional cost.