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Brand Identity Roadmap
For new businesses or those going through a major pivot. We’ll study your business, industry, competition, product, goals and motivation - all to discover your biggest areas of opportunity. You’ll walk away with authentic new language and a crisp PDF brand booklet for reference. Expect tagline options, elevator pitches, a sharp summary of your offer, a relatable backstory, and strong positioning to help you stand out in a saturated market. Two payments of $600.

The Website Refresh
If you already have an established brand but need to adjust your messaging, we’ll write new copy for your Landing and About pages - two of your most important tools for making that initial connection with prospects. Two payments of $375.

Entire Websites
More in-depth than the Refresh, we’ll study every facet of your business, as well as the competition, and craft new messaging to make your offer exciting, concise and relatable. This includes 5 pages of strategic website content for $1200, which can also be broken down into two payments. For larger sites, additional web pages can be added in sets of three for $500.


projects for growth

Media Kits & Product Guides
The more educated your prospects are, the more confident they’ll be when it’s time to make a decision. This is true whether you’re trying to get press, build strategic partnerships, or explain an offer that has a lot of moving parts. For these projects we offer both copy and design. At $60/hour, we can typically create a 5-10 page kit/guide in 10 hours or less, so expect pricing anywhere between $400-$600.

Content Marketing
Essential for gaining organic traction online while becoming a trusted resource for your customers. Depending on the length and complexity of the topic, we can typically create a well-written, SEO-rich blog post in 3-5 hours ($180-$300). Note: most clients reserve us for those all-important evergreen pieces that are either complex or have the potential to deliver serious traction.

For executives who are ready to become thought leaders in their field. We can make this project highly collaborative if you already have ideas or drafts fleshed out; or we can take a simple outline, conduct in-depth research and run with it to the finish line. Either way, we’ll turn what would normally be an overwhelming project into something that’s ready to be shipped within weeks. Serious inquiries only, as these projects range anywhere from $1,000-$5,000 depending on the scope.


Projects for sales

Product or Service Ideation
Not sure how to structure your services? Interested in pursuing a new market with a different product or product line? We can explore your options to devise a “big idea” for your business, whether it’s a new product for you to develop or a new package that’s sure to increase cash flow. You’ll receive a 3-5 page guide with all of our findings and suggestions, including a pitch, product or service description for your site, and our strategic recommendations for positioning & sales. Price is tough to estimate, as this type of creativity is unpredictable, but from experience we’d say 10-20 hours, or $600-$1200. (The potential ROI on these projects can make that seem like chump change. Just sayin’.)

Product Descriptions
Full disclosure: we get downright giddy when someone hires us for these projects. We love flexing our copywriting muscles, so when we’re tasked with making a product irresistible - usually in 100 words or less - well, it’s a challenge to say the least. But once each word is in its proper place, these are more like poetry than traditional copy. Typically takes an hour per description to do it right, so think $60 a pop. (It’s like copywriting candy.)

Last but not least, advertising - where we do our best to make Ogilvy proud. Think provocative headlines and compelling copy that elicit an emotional response first and foremost. Don’t approach us for ads if you don’t want to take a few risks. Because if you’re going to spend money for ad space, go big or go home people. Our rate is $60/hour, so try to give us at least 5-10 hours to do a few ads that are worth your time. We can usually take care of layouts and design as well.


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