Crixeo: The Conjuring


Ed and Lorraine Warren and 'The Conjuring' of Legends

When we think of theatre, most of us picture a stage, complete with curtains, bright lights and an eager audience carefully positioned behind a “fourth wall.” We think of actors, writers and directors, all guiding a nightly performance of an indefinite run. But what if those barriers no longer existed? What if your home became the stage? After all, is there anywhere more private or intimate than your home? Your child’s room? Your bed? Our houses seem to exist on another plane of the imagination. They breathe, creak, crack and whistle. Some even have faces with menacing windows as eyes. “If only these walls could talk,” we say; but do we really want to know? Could there be ghosts? Evil spirits? Something we cannot see? Do such things even exist, or is it all in our minds? No one understood these questions better than Ed and Lorraine Warren.

Self-proclaimed demonologists and ghost hunters, the Warrens are famous for the work they began in the late 1940s. “Do you believe in God?” they’d ask. “Because without faith, you can’t understand what we do.” The couple’s website,, displays a quote by Ed: “The Catholic Church refers to God as a supernatural being, and the Bible is filled with tales of Demons, Devils, Saints and Angels.” While this statement does not prove the existence of these entities, it does prove Ed’s point: if we can believe in one supernatural being, why not all of them? And by accepting this premise — Ed and Lorraine’s modest proposal — you are simply paying your price of admission.

Of course, Ed and Lorraine Warren were a traveling show long before their portrayal as the loving and devout Catholic couple in 2013’s The Conjuring. Over more than 60 years together, the pair wrote and were featured in countless books documenting their thousands of “cases” dealing with demons, ghosts, werewolves and hauntings. Perhaps you’re familiar with their involvement in The Amityville Horror or The Haunting in Connecticut. Maybe you’ve heard of their Occult Museum or their demonic doll Annabelle. But however the Warrens came into your life, you’ve undoubtedly crossed their path — or their tall tales — at some point.