Optimo: Product Descriptions

Luxury Hat Product Descriptions

For nearly 25 years, Optimo has been producing the world’s finest hats. Using only the best materials available, from wild beaver fur felt to authentic Montecristi straw woven by hand in Ecuador, each hat is made using the same manufacturing techniques from over seventy years ago, on historical machines rescued from defunct hatteries around the world. The Optimo factory on the South Side of Chicago has always won numerous awards for architectural design, and has been featured in multiple publications as one of the most beautiful factories in the world. To learn more about this iconic American brand, visit www.optimo.com.

The Diplomat in Neptune

Inspired by the favored hats of Churchill and Eisenhower, this wider brim homburg flatters most face shapes while complementing heavy layers during the winter months. With a traditional firm center crease and curled bound edge, this distinguished style makes for an elegant city hat. Designed for black tie, formal dress, or an eccentric casual look.

The Chicago

The Chicago is our modern version of the iconic fedoras worn on the South Side in the late 1940s. Minimalistic and classic, the proportions of The Chicago suit just about everyone. This is your essential fedora and the ambassador of Optimo’s timeless style worn by both seasoned Optimo clients and newcomers. Like its namesake, the city we call home, this hat is hardworking, authentic, and beautifully constructed.

The Hyde Park in Blue Pearl

Echoing styles from the late 50s and early 60s, the Hyde Park has quickly become a bestseller. With a shorter brim and masculine box bow, this sportier version of The Chicago provides a more tailored look for leaner builds. It can also complement fuller builds seeking a shorter brimmed fedora. A perfect balance for the client who enjoys a classic feel for casual wear.

The Americana in Silverbelly

With a nod to classic American style inspired by the Southwest, The Americana offers a modern and sophisticated take on a Western design. Features a sleek, responsive brim and standard crown to suit fuller proportions or those seeking greater protection from the elements. Fashionable in small towns, big cities, and every roadside attraction in between. The Americana is the quintessential hat representing the American experience.

Custom Fedora in Rust

Optimo has built its name on bespoke full-brim dress hats, and this one-of-a-kind design is a prime example of our style. Features classic proportions in our limited edition Rust fur-felt with a rare vintage cord ribbon in Penny.

The LaSalle in Golden Tan

This slope-back fedora is our interpretation of a favorite style from the 1950s, providing that same iconic side profile of beloved vintage styles. With a gentle slope in the crown, medium brim and offset binding, the LaSalle offers an excellent fit for medium builds and features.

The Zephyr in Bedrock

The Zephyr lives up to its name: lightweight, freeform, flexible, and casual. Serves as a great all-around hat for every build with our unique Sports Stitching for greater control of the raw edge brim. Structurally soft, bending to your will for a more defined shape or a natural, windblown look.

The Belmont in Dove Grey

Revered by great musicians and architects, the Pork Pie has had a long history of gracing jazz clubs, pool halls, and design hubs. Heralding back to the early 1900s through the 1960s, this distinctive yet casual style features a broad snap brim with a ribbon bound edge. This classic Pork Pie is flattering for most builds and personalities.

The Blue Note in Onyx

This Pork Pie sports a shorter brim and smaller ribbon than our 'Belmont' model. Wear the brim popped up for a stingy look, or snapped down. Perfect for more refined builds.

The Mia in Bedrock

Introducing The Mia - named after the daughter of our founder, Graham Thompson. This four-season design is lightweight, elegant, and the embodiment of versatility. Shape it as a front pinch in Chicago, a western crease in Nashville, an open crown in Paris, or a pork pie in Tokyo.

The Dearborn in Bison

Inspired by Film Noir in the 1940s, the Dearborn provides a dramatic look for broader, taller builds. With a high crown deep set with a diamond crease and a relatively wide brim, this design doesn’t work for everyone; but when the proportions are just right, this hat creates a perfectly noir silhouette.

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