Optimo: Naming Services


As part of our work with Optimo, a renowned bespoke hattery based in Chicago, we created original names for over 100 vintage ribbons salvaged from defunct hatteries across France. From there, we put together the physical ribbon book and gave it a vintage feel. The goal was to improve the customer experience and streamline internal operations, especially in relation to custom hat orders and ribbon changes. You can view more of their offerings at www.optimo.com.

Vintage Grey & Neutral Shades: Storm, Oyster, Seal, Shark Fin, Noir, Asphalt, Raw Garnet, Graphite, Grecian White, Wrought Iron, Charcoal, Gunmetal

Vintage Grey & Neutral Binding: Silver Dollar, Cobblestone, Shark Fin, Smoke Stack, Cracked Pepper

Vintage Shades of Brown: Caramel, Shiitake, Linen, Cherry Wood, Autumn, Antique Gold, Mineral, Copper, Tawny Gold, Artifact, New Rust, Grizzly, Espresso, Oak

Vintage Brown Binding (Part One): Golden Wheat, Peat Moss, Grizzly, Shale, Honey Blonde, Beige, Penny, Brown Recluse, Saddle

Vintage Brown Binding (Part Two): Cinnamon, Tiger’s Eye, Dark Umber, Obsidian, Hickory

Brown Feathers: Golden Pheasant, Brown Partridge, Green Mallard, Wild Jungle Fowl, Barred Flank, Wood Duck

Vintage Shades of Purple: Kalamata, Eggplant, Haze, Elderberry

Vintage Purple Binding: Eggplant, Violet Ash, Lithium, Deep Space, Cavern

Vintage Shades of Blue: Aegean, Coral, Marine, Kensington, Sapphire

Vintage Blue Ribbon and Binding: Steel Blue, Parisian Midnight, Lapis, Indigo, Washington, Heron, Imperial

Vintage Shades of Green: Brunswick, Sage, Nori, Huckleberry, Siberian Green, Jasper, Sage, Eucalyptus, Evergreen, Incense

Vintage Green Binding: Deep Moss, Sage, Avocado, Scarab

Exotic Feathers (Part One): Scarlet Macaw, Red African Grey, Amazon Parrot, Hyacinth Macaw, Blue Kingfisher, Peacock Plumage

Exotic Feathers (Part Two): Wild Turkey, Peacock Tail, Silver Pheasant

Vintage Stripes (Part One): Collegiate, Juniper Plum, Ivy League, Retro Brown, Rose Gold, Golden Republic, Smoke Signals

Vintage Stripes (Part Two): Egyptian Scroll, Racing Stripes, Yacht Club, Rugby

Vintage Shades of Red & White: Deep Amaranth, Crimson, Auburn, Mulberry, Pearl

Vintage Cording: Penny, Almond Cream, Celadon, Olive Branch, Dark Blonde


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