Crixeo: Annabelle Creation


Annabelle: The 'True' Creation story

As the story goes, a nursing student named Donna received the Raggedy Ann doll from her mother in 1970 as a gift on her 28th birthday. Supposedly, her mother had purchased the doll at a hobby store (a moment that was re-created at the very end of the film Annabelle). Donna put the doll on her bed and went on with her life. Then she started to notice that the Raggedy Ann doll would change positions and occasionally even move around her apartment. Donna reached out for help from her roommate Angie, who also happened to be a nursing student, and then to Angie’s fiancé, Lou, who appears to have also been living in the apartment.

Soon Donna, Angie and Lou began to find pieces of parchment paper on the floor with messages such as “Help Us,” or “Help Lou” (a defining character trait throughout the Conjuring franchise). Of course, neither Donna nor Angie had parchment paper in the apartment. Even stranger — neither of them appeared to suspect that the person behind these events was Lou, who would have been my first guess.

Still, the situation continued to escalate, with Donna finding what appeared to be blood on the doll’s hands. That’s when the girls decided to bring in a medium. During the séance that followed (here’s a story behind that brand of spiritualism), the medium “revealed” that before their apartment complex had been constructed, a seven-year-old girl named Annabelle Higgins (you’ll want to remember that name) had been found dead in the field upon which the building now stood. The medium claimed that the girl’s spirit remained and had latched itself onto the doll. And now, finding the nursing students to be kind and trustworthy, the girl’s spirit expressed a desire to “stay and be loved.” She also asked for permission to inhabit the Raggedy Ann doll, a request that both Donna and Angie agreed to honor. From there, things only got worse.

Lou had nightmares of the Annabelle doll strangling him in his sleep. Then another waking encounter with the doll left him with claw marks on his chest that miraculously healed in two days. (Seriously, no one thought Lou was making this all up? Did these people even exist?) In any case, the situation became so dire that the trio turned to an Episcopalian priest for help, and he then introduced them to the very Catholic Ed and Lorraine Warren. (As if this tale couldn’t get any stranger, we now have Anglicans and Catholics working together.) But that should bring fans of the first Conjuring film up to speed, as the Annabelle Case Study is the opening scene of the entire franchise.