Crixeo: Alternative School Profile


Welcome to the Age of the Alternative School 

In his manifesto Stop Stealing Dreams, modern-day philosopher and writer Seth Godin made the argument for a revolution in the American education system. He argued that public schools are not producing the brave, creative and self-reliant individuals — the ones intent on carving their own paths as artists, inventors, scientists and innovators — that we need for a successful culture and workforce in the connected economy. Instead he argues that the rote memorization, blind obedience, multiple-choice tests and antiquated curricula of the public school system are all tools to prepare students for an industrial era that is slowly dissolving into ancient history.

However, since there are huge barriers to change, which are keeping this industrial model alive, Seth calls for parents and teachers to write their own manifestos and start their own alternative school. Because if a revolution is going to happen, if American schoolchildren are going to get the education they need to survive in the information age and stay competitive on a global scale, then it’s the parents and communities themselves that will have to make it happen. According to Seth, they are the ones who need to stand up to the status quo and demand that schools create the culture and economy we want and need for our children.

Of course, Tairi Grace wasn’t trying to start a revolution. She was simply fighting for her four children to get the education they needed — in the way that they needed it — and Grace Holistic Center for Education was her solution. The K-12 program is now accepting applications for their first school year starting this fall, but the idea of an alternative school has been brewing in Tairi’s mind for years.