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The Seller's Bible

Sean Kearney is the scrappiest freelancer we know. He grew up with the Internet and can sell virtually anything online, a skill he honed not just from working at Amazon, but from simply experimenting over the years with what worked and what didn't. He told us a great story about how his first sale online was a charbroiler that he delivered himself. He started with a truck, a laptop, a phone, and some elbow grease, and now he makes six figures selling through Craigslist, Amazon, and eBay. He came to us wanting to share some of his trusted methods with people looking to escape their 9-5 or just supplement their income. 

First, we got to work on his eBook. Sean gave us a rough draft which we then restructured, rewrote and fine-tuned, keeping his unique voice in tact. After he was happy with the final draft, it was onto his website. He had a basic Squarespace site already set up, so it was our job to make it pop. We found new images for both his web pages and his eBook covers, along with making other design tweaks throughout the site. Then we crafted sharp new sales copy for all of his pages using his base copy as a guide, which allowed his personality to shine through. Finally, we completed backend SEO descriptions and double checked every button, link, and call-to-action before successfully launching his new site. 

He may not like working for the man, but he had a great time working with us !

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