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Raise + Rebel

KeAundra McIntyre works her ass off, balancing a family, a full-time job, and now - a budding freelance career as a lifestyle consultant & clarity expert. Like most freelancers, she was compelled to start freelancing after having numerous peers and colleagues request her services (in KeAundra's case it was friendly, no-nonsense advice). Once KeAundra recognized her unique talent, she came to us with an idea for a business, and we helped her make it a reality. We started at square one, outlining who she wanted to help, how she could help them, and why they should hire her specifically. After a few casual conversations and light brand questionnaires, we were off to the races. 

First, we created a set of offerings based around her unique skill set and worldview. Next was an 'About' page that spoke from the heart and had her fingerprints all over it. Then came a brand name & tagline, and finally, the task of building her website and putting everything together into one cohesive package. We showed her dozens of color palettes, font pairings and layouts, which allowed us to put the proper finishing touches in place. She was left with a website that she - and her friends and family - absolutely loved. We think the online world is going to love her too! 

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