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J. Brown Photography

This project was an amazing learning experience, because when Jason came to us needing a fresh take on his philosophy - and hence - his website copy, we weren't even thinking about design. All we were thinking was, "Let's tell a story that his couples can relate to instantly." But after doing just that, we had a problem: it had been a few weeks  and Jason hadn't added the copy. We needed to know why. Turns out, he wasn't sure how to implement it properly, and understandably, he didn't want to mess up what he already had.

So after we got together and put his new copy in place, while also giving him plenty of pointers on fonts, spacing and aesthetic, we realized something...what if he wasn't alone? What if there were other freelancers who were too busy doing their job to learn the ins and outs of working on Squarespace? Turns out, there are plenty, and so we added the Project 1099 service to our repertoire, offering everything from simple design tweaks to entire websites. We can thank Jason for opening our eyes to that.
(Thanks Jason!)

After Word Alchemy

(See below for screenshots, or visit www.jbrownweddingphoto.com to see it in action.)

What He Had to Say About the Experience

Amber & John are incredible to work with. The process starts with an insightful questionnaire that makes you think and focus on your marketing goals. This exercise pushed me to consider my business in a new light. I did have some preconceived ideas about what I wanted for my website text, but we ended up in a completely different place. If you can allow yourself to be open minded, Amber and John bring new and thoughtful ideas to the table. The process of presenting their work and implementing the changes I wanted was flawless. To be honest, I accepted 90% of their content suggestions. I only wanted some minor wording changes. Things that only I would know in my industry (I’m a freelance commercial photographer). More than anything else, I appreciated their perspective. I didn’t quite know it at the time, but I truly needed this. They did their homework in assessing the market and my competition. There are hundreds of photographers out there, so the most valuable service Amber & John provided was setting my brand apart. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You won’t regret making them part of your marketing plan.
— Jason Brown, Founder of J. Brown Photography