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Chef James Day

When Chef James Day approached us about building his website, he had two clear cut advantages: new, professional photos and a palpable (pun intended) passion for his craft. First, we poured over the photos to find the perfect shots for each page. Then we dug into his personality, motivations and history to uncover his brand.

He's casual, fun, and laid back, so we didn't want anything too aggressive. But he's also charming, witty, and at times a little unconventional, so we also made it a point to craft punchy sales copy that reflected that. And even though Chicago is an ultra-competitive city for a personal chef, Jim is right where he wants to be - ready to take on any culinary challenge you can throw at him, with a compelling website & message to match.



(See below for screenshots, or visit www.chefjamesday.com to see it in action.)


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