Words by Sørensen


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Always Be Connecting: 5 Personalities to Prospect

Below, we’ve outlined five distinct prospects you might interact with on any given day, along with a quick guide to speaking their language:

1. The Commander

Voted most likely to wear black turtlenecks. Not here to make friends. They have a vision, and they’re in it to win it.

Mindset: Fortune favors the bold.

How to Relate:

  • Exude confidence. They can smell weakness or uncertainty.
  • Prepare an efficient pitch. (Seriously, cut it down by 30% before presenting.)
  • Don’t be afraid to offer big ideas, as long as you have plenty of stats to back them up. (A Commander will take charge of a conversation, so be prepared for rapid fire questioning.)
  • Leave the small talk at the office. Get right to the meat and potatoes.

Pay Special Attention To: Who’s their right hand person? Who do they trust? If you can also build a relationship with this person, they can be a serious resource and ally.

Use sales intelligence triggers to explore current initiatives and leadership moves to start understanding and building a relationship with your prospect before the first touch-point.

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