Plant the seeds of attraction

After you've completed your website, along with powerful copy designed to convert prospects into customers, you're ready to grow. And that growth requires additional materials that align with your brand's vision for the future. 

In our experience, once website content has been tackled, businesses tend to need additional sales tools in the following order:

  1. Product Development or Conceptualization

  2. Investor Deck (if applicable)

  3. Product Guides & Digital Assets

  4. Various Components for Content Marketing

  5. Media Kits & Press Releases

  6. Educational Tools (if the offer is quite complex)

  7. Ghostwriting, Editorial & Other Thought Leadership

*Note: This order is by no means set in stone. We're absolutely flexible, and every business is different. 

Naturally, these projects are tackled one at a time, and with absolute focus. Very rarely does a business truly need all of this work completed in rapid procession, unless they're undertaking a drastic pivot within a tight timeframe. Most businesses, however, create long-term relationships with us once we've established a cohesive vision and style for their brand that's reflective of their unique voice. 

You can view select samples from our portfolio to give you a sense of our writing style and capabilities in this area. At this time, the design services we offer are limited to media kits, which we build using Canva

If you're in need of additional design services, we have a close working relationship with Smart Yeti, a creative agency also located in Chicago, and would be happy to make an introduction on your behalf. 

If you have any additional questions about these à la carte offerings, just ask. Everything is priced out based on the scope of work, timeline, and project type. And if you're considering a collaboration with us, a quick 30 minute chat can do wonders for establishing clarity.  

Let's set up a call to discuss. 

-Amber & John


You can browse our complete portfolio here

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