there’s no roadmap…Until you build one

As entrepreneurs and business owners, it's often difficult to explain who we are and why someone should purchase our offer, especially when embarking on a new business venture. The same difficulty arises when we have to make a pivot. We know the gist of it, but we just can't seem to articulate our vision properly. Words fall flat and the same sentiments get repeated again and again with no change in result. It's frustrating to be so tongue-tied when trying to make a sale or gain respect, and it's even more of a challenge when you're traveling down this road alone. 

But that's where we come in. 

During Phase 1 of our process, we conduct a deep dive into your business, industry, competition, product, goals, and motivations. All of this fabric becomes a game changer during Phase 2, where we develop fresh copy and prose for your business that can solve your biggest problem: effective communication. 

Of course, if you already have a firm grasp of your identity and merely need content created, edited, or polished, you can move directly to Phase 3 for our à la carte offerings. However, if you're in need of a tagline, elevator pitch, summary of your offer, a relatable backstory, and stronger positioning in the eyes of your customers, this is where you should start. 

The process requires two weeks and costs $1200.
This can be broken up into two payments of $600, one due at booking and the other upon completion. 

As a result of Phase 1, you'll be prepared for branding, messaging, and more effective marketing, whether you decide to move forward with us or not as your copywriters. You'll also receive a complete "Brand Book" in PDF form that can be referred to again and again as you grow. 

Our goal here isn't to upsell you or squeeze money from your coffers, but to help you develop a strong foundation to build on. And after this process, if someone asks either "Who are you?" or "What's your business?" you'll have clear cut answers ready to go, and the confidence that can only come from knowing you'll be understood. 

Let's set up a call to discuss. 

-Amber & John 

P.S. Gold star for any clients who download The Brand Swatch to get a head start on this process. It's a free workbook designed just for you. Plus it's a great way to prep for Phase 2: Website Content, if you're planning to jump ahead.