Three Ad Libs to Help You Develop Your Brand's Identity


Ironing out a basic mission statement is one of the first steps you should tackle when starting a business. This exercise will help you think clearly and concisely about your offer, while also nudging you to get more specific in your wording. And even if you've been in business for years, it can't hurt to revisit these exercises now and again to make sure everything is on the up and up. After all, businesses evolve. Times change. New challenges emerge, and your identity as a business might shift as well. So let's focus your aim and get a grasp on where your brand is headed. 

Gut check time! 

Option 1: 

I/We started [business name] because I/we believe in [your core values]. And while there are other products out there which offer [what it is you’re selling], I/we are determined to prove that [whatever they’re doing wrong, you can do right].

Because [life/activity/purpose] shouldn't include [negatives of the problem you’re solving]. And through our [value proposition], we can [outline transformation]


Option 2:

[Business name] was created because life is too short for [negatives of the problem your customer is struggling with]. Through our [highlights of product/service], we provide [core benefits - get specific here]. Because we believe in [core values], and that life doesn’t have to be [downsides of competition].


Option 3:

We’re passionate about [the problem you're trying to solve], and that passion shines through in [your main product or service]. With [features framed as benefits], we can [show how this makes the lives of your target audience better]. Because [main problem] doesn’t have to be [effects of that problem on target customer]. It can be [core values]