Home of the Creatives


What if America became known as the “Home of Creatives?” 

Sure, this a country renowned for entrepreneurship; but what if we made that our mission as a nation and a people? What if that became our driving force on an international stage, rather than the products of Hollywood, Wall Street, or the Military/Industrial Complex?

What if every man, woman, and child believed in their freedom to pursue life, liberty, and the ability to create? To challenge convention and constantly be progressing our culture economically, socially, and artistically? 

What if America became the place for crazy ideas to take root? For the greatest art to be made? For the most unique voices to be the loudest? 

What if children were taught to think differently? To color outside the lines? To be nonconformists? To challenge every idea, perspective, opinion, and belief - not with aggression but with art? 

What if for every corporate employee there was also a micro-business? What if for every student there was also an apprenticeship? What if for every Hollywood film there was also an independent one, with just as much power behind it? What if for every YouTube, Facebook or Google, there was another option? What if there was ample competition? 

What if this country truly became the Land of Artists, Creatives, Game Changers, and the Architects of Tomorrow? 

Isn’t that an infrastructure worth building today?