Poem from The Color Series: Yellow



It's a tale as old as bones, 
And the yellowing decay of teeth. 
It is the flesh of Egyptian gods, 
And the halos of the Saints. 

Tis a stage in a process, 
From chaos and despair to the light.
It's returning to the outside world - 
Capable of charming God. 

Holding up the sky above, 
It's the center of the universe. 
Re-energizing all life below, 
And in fertile soil grow. 

Yet from this exultant glow
Of radiant, wise, and good advice
There does shine some cautionary light
On betrayal and deceit. 

For Sulfur is the devil's realm, 
Making words both cheap and cowardly
While traitors run and diseases kill, 
And canaries sing to death. 

For yellow boasts such a tale, 
Found in the antiqued pages of books. 
Tis a color of joy and warning, 
Reawakened every breath. 

-Amber JoAnn