Poem from The Color Series: Green



In the books of old
They called it viriditas - 
When the Green Lion, most bold, 
Shed blood he did hold. 

A symbol of growth
Held in an emerald chalice, 
Entwining life and death both - 
Sworn in sacred oath. 

Reborn every Spring, 
The holiest of mysteries:
All that darkest soil brings
As the birds do sing. 

For what is decay, 
With all its slime and envy, 
If not food for fertile clay
And nature's bright display? 

What is green spared red?
Creation short of chaos?
Or new life that has not bled?
The world would be dead! 

Yet from magic dew, 
Soft shoots escape watered seeds
To sprout a lush world anew, 
Proving the Green Man true. 

For green is soothing
All painful struggles of life. 
Experience is blooming
The flower of your choosing. 

So go forth, my dears!
Go forth and do green things!
Be like the living vine, 
And drink from eternal springs! 

-Amber JoAnn