Poem from the Color Series: Black


Into the bowels of the Earth,
Behind the widow’s veil,
Lies the secrets of our birth
Along metanoia trail.

That polar heart is beating
While swallowed by abyss;
That hidden center fleeting
An underworld of bliss.

Once in the cave of darkness,
Hear melancholy songs -
Of death and loss and sickness,
Materialism’s wrongs.

Absorbing Nature’s slaughter
And black silt of the Nile -
Shed quick that most foul water,
And mankind’s wretched bile.

Release decay in healing
To reach creative depths,
For elegance revealing
In psyche’s fiery breadth.

Child of New Moon born again
A golden egg of self,
In absence of all dark sin
And heir to secret wealth.

-Amber JoAnn