Why Should I Buy Your Salad Dressing?


In Barry Schwartz’s TedTalk, The Paradox of Choice, he noted that there are 175 different salad dressings being offered at his supermarket. “If you don’t count the ten extra virgin olive oils and twelve balsamic vinegars you could buy to make a very large number of your own salad dressings,” he adds. So, which salad dressing option do you choose, and why?

Do you pick Ranch because that’s what your mother always bought? Do you pick one of the many flavors offered by Newman’s Own because you’ve heard from someone that it’s healthy? Do you opt to make your own dressing with raw materials? The possibilities are seemingly endless. 

Think: why did you buy that salad dressing last time? Did you identify with it, somehow? Were you pleased with your decision after eating it? Would you recommend it to friends? 

Look at your own offer through this lens. Why should someone choose you, out of endless possibilities. And if they do, would they regret it? How can you set expectations to become the obvious choice in the eyes of your customers, before and after they buy?