January 2018 Brain Food

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Writing Advice

When the blank page is staring you in the face, turn to....
Project Runway?

A basic guide to structuring your essay. 
If you build it, words will come.

For larger pieces of writing, you may not know where to start.
Try a shoebox.

Your handwriting says a lot about you.
(Yes, pen and paper are still a thing.)

Need some blog ideas for February?
Here are a few prompts we use when the well runs dry.


High Maintenance is the most human show on television.
It's also Customer Service: 101. Put that in your blunt 'n smoke it.

More of a beer person? We got stories on that too. 
Good enough to drink to.

"Content is king," they say. "Everyone needs a blog!"
Both are true statements...but how the hell do you know if it's working?

Having trouble articulating your value like Pied Piper? 
In this 3-part series, we ask probing questions that would've easily saved Jared's sanity.

Can you imagine living, playing, and working with your spouse...
all without killing each other? It's easier than you think.

Think you're an artist entrepreneur? Wrong. 
You're a chameleon. (Warning: epic GIFs await.) 

Besides the best facial expressions in the history of mankind,
Schitt's Creek can also give you a few unexpected business lessons. 

Thought Candy

When was the last time you actually changed someone's mind, politically or otherwise? Here's a hint: stop trying.

Pop-up ads don't just get in the way of an experience. 
They create vendettas.

Good comedians tell you the truth, but that doesn't mean they're telling you the facts. Also, we should stop expecting them to.

Rebuilding America will take a lot more than concrete
it'll take creatives.

Don't like semantics? Tough sh*t.
We need 'em.

When work seems too overwhelming, just remember:
you don't need a sea of creativity today. You just need one drop.

Family can mean well, but if you're in a field they don't understand,
they can drive you bonkers. Here's how to trailblaze without the guilt.

Jordan Peterson, a lobster, and an insecure guy walk into an improv class...

Working from home? Or f*@k up your New Year's resolution already?
Either way, here are a few ways to stay sane and on track.

Creative Stuff

We are born with but one spark...(Poem)

And time - oh, time, that wicked thing...(Poem)

They quarrel each alone...(Dragon poem)

As Seen in Crixeo Magazine

The Stanley Hotel is legendary. But before The Shining, there was innovation. Grab your axe, 'cause HEEEEEEERE'S A.J.! (...with a cool story.)

"You'll Never Make It" and More Motivation From Comedian Emma Willman. The title speaks for itself.

Outraged at Logan Paul's suicide forest video? That's cool.
Just make sure you're not trading sacred freedoms for creature comforts.

Okay, time for a break...


Thanks for reading, and we'll see you next month!

Amber + John