Idea Popcorn


Sweet, salty, buttery, and fun to share.
That’s what brainstorming can be.
A flurry of ideas bursting with flavor and possibility.
What if we did this? What if we did that?

But if you’re not careful, you can devour a bucket of the stuff,
Only to be left with an empty carton and a sick feeling in your gut.
And once that façade of productivity fades,
You’ll start chasing the next bucket of popcorn, and the next…
Which gets you nowhere.

Because popcorn isn’t a meal.
(No matter how hard Olivia Pope tries to convince us it is.)

And turning every meeting into a brainstorming session?
That won’t make your real challenges disappear.
You’ve got to face the elephant in the room,
And choose substance over small talk.

No matter how good it may feel in the moment,
Or how little accountability you care to take on,
Eventually, you have to stop brainstorming and start doing.

So lick those fingers clean,
And get to the real work - today.