February 2018 Brain Food

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Writing Advice

What can rose oil teach you about writing?

To ship is to learn

A tip on creating things for people you don't know

"If you want to listen to stories, you have to tell stories"




When the misses make more money than the hits

The biggest jump businesses have to make

Which market are you really in?

Customer segmentation is less boring than it sounds

Sometimes, being 'customer-centric' means being irrational

What's your product's favorite position? (insert Beavis & Butthead laugh)



Thought Candy

We've got a bone to pick with job boards

How the hell has Levi's lasted so long?

You might not be selling what you think - seriously

Your customers hate certain things - market accordingly

Getting the feedback your friends and family can't provide

Some customers are willing to do your heavy lifting...

...the rest need convincing

Questions that artist entrepreneurs need to be asking all the time



Creative Stuff

Only one poem this month...it's about the color red.......we were busy, okay?



Articles From Crixeo 

(A.J. with two clutch interviews)

Have you seen this tech pastry goddess?

A magical anthology from a magical woman



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We hope you find these pieces useful, because we really enjoyed writing them. 

But is anyone else's left eye twitching?
Time to shut the computer down for a bit...


See you next month!
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Amber + John