What is character in business?


When it comes to writing fiction, action is character. 

You reveal character by showing how that individual responds to the obstacles preventing them from getting what they want. And the more pressure you put on your characters, the more you’re able to reveal. And the more you reveal, the more a reader or audience can connect or identify with that character. 

This is true in all the great novels, plays, and stories. But how can we apply it to business?

If you’re an entrepreneur or business owner, undoubtedly there are obstacles standing in your way of success. How you respond to these obstacles reveals who you are. Your actions reveal your character. 

Consider the following:

A customer wants a refund, how do you respond? 

A prospect wants to learn more about your product, what do you do? 

How do you give a presentation? Do you rush to cram in everything, or do you condense your message and take your time? 

How are you measuring your success? Is it in followers, clicks and RTs, or in permanent relationships made and nurtured?

Are you more interested in the direct path, the short cuts, and life hacks, or the long and difficult path focused on learning?

Are you rushing? Or are you building something that takes time to do right? 

Are you stalling? Or are you doing the work that matters?

What are you choosing not to do? 

Where are you advertising, and how?

What social media platforms are you using, and how are you offering a unique perspective?

Where are your products being sold and at what price?

Are you focused on efficiency or personal growth?

Do you want people to talk about you, or do you want to control what they say? 

Where are you on the scale between all talk and all action? 

Are you constantly starting, or do you finish your projects? 

The answers to these questions reveal your character, and ultimately, what kinds of people will identify with you or not. 

Think before you act; because your actions speak louder than words.