Poem: The Hall of Two Truths

"Thou shalt not pollute the water,"
Is what the ancients said.
Forty-two Virtues they gave us;
Some listened to Set instead.

For lead now runs through East Chicago,
And poisons the People of Flint.
Oil seeps into the soil;
Pollution: their fingerprint.

Snyder's heart shall be measured,
Pence shall have his weighed,
Those Beasts invading Dakota -
None can Truth evade.

For water is life, and the Gods were clear;
Yet silver those men obeyed.
And with their eyes turned blind by greed,
Their honor did so fade.

And when they die, dear Ma'at they'll find,
With her scales and mighty Feather.
There are all hearts are weighed and judged,
All lies & crimes together.

"Have you polluted the water?" she'll ask;
But none can deny their fraud.
For their hearts shall sink beneath the Truth,
And their rot shall be seen before God.

-Amber JoAnn