Poem: Ophelia

Ophelia, Ophelia,
Let down your hair. 
Descend into the water, 
You’ll find your home there.

Down by the river, 
Deep into the lake — 
Discover the Truth:
Your world is a fake.

Ophelia, Ophelia,
Relax into your sleep. 
The Gates shall soon open, 
There’s no need to weep.

The current shall bless you, 
The river bed shall take. 
Your Spark shall awaken, 
Touch the bottom of Our Lake.

There find true gold, and
Forgotten precious stones. 
Your true self connected; 
No more flesh or bones.

Ophelia, Ophelia, 
Shed quick that name!
Rejoin the others, 
Reform the Brain.

-Amber JoAnn