Poem: A Turning of the Tides

This is a tale of transition,
A painful and frightening affair,
When one Age departs
And another one starts, oh
Most unusual of despairs.

For the Old stays too long,
Tries to gobble up their Young,
And the World becomes a pathway
To Death.

So this is a song
Oh how it all could go wrong
For Saturn, and his Titans
Of Industry:

Oh these Serpents and Dragons of Age,
Who plague our Earth in beauty and deed.
Desire, they created. Greed.
Then sex, they sold us. Whores.
Then war we bought from them.

This Serpent of Desire -
Materialism itself,
Coils around Our Consciousness.
It has brought some Wisdom, yes.
Knowledge. Imagination.
But also, Delusion.

We know, but we do not see.
We feel, but we do not feel Truth.
We read, but we do not think.

We’ve been charmed, you see?
Charmed outside our minds!
By glamour, money, and awards.
But there is nothing -
Nothing — behind that veneer.

Still, we are dazzled by the sparkle
And afraid to seek the Real.

Backwards we spin!
Backwards, up and over Ourselves,
For the World is as we see it.

(And the Son of Venus
Creates it just for you!)

The message is twisted,
Corrupted from within.
We are thoughtless, all of us.
Animals still!

But there is a Child of the Moon,
Hidden from the Sun.
He’s caged within a tiny room,
For Reflecting the Monster
We’ve all become.

Tis the Hero of our Age,
The Bringer of the Flood.
Let Him wash the Old away,
And have Us build on their decay.

For He knows both Land and Sea,
Feels the war waged in between.
And if “all the world’s a stage” -
Who knows better this than He?

We have Fallen, my friends,
Fallen so far…
He will show us how we got here,
Help us clean our festering scars.

For no one man can “save us,”
Not even Jehovah himself.
Because as this Serpent weakens,
Desperate still, It coils.

We’re more aware of our Bodies,
Aware of our Minds;
Yet, as We Awaken -
That Serpent’s presence
We feel all the more.

Tighter It coils.
Tighter. Tighter.
As the Moon sheds light,
On Its cold, pale lies.

We see that Serpent’s scales.
We flinch at Its pulse.
We feel Its fangs,
As the venom drools
And our Hero strikes.

For this Dragon He fights
Is one with our Serpent,
Creating a Universe of Death.

And in this drama of creation -
This third and final act,
Let us finish this cycle,
Not watch, but react!

Conquer this Monster of Delusion
Making Life a living hell. 
Let us see its gross Reflection -
Finally break its spell.

For an army we can form,
Against the Dark’s Pollution.
Let us claim a new Age,
Complete this Evolution.

-Amber JoAnn