Poem: Good Fathers

Socrates drank poison hemlock,
Niccolò was tortured with the rope,
Galileo suffered house arrest
For disagreements with the Pope.

One asked new questions for the youth,
While others set out to prove
The laws of mankind’s energies -
Rejected all — “and yet it moves!”

Why must we kill good fathers, 
Who dare steer us from the dark?
When some good men discover light,
Why must we smother up their spark?

It’s those who dream with eyes wide shut
Who claim “crimes” against the brain. 
Their false fantasies in tatters,
Demand contrarians suffer pain.

They killed the wisest man of Athens, 
Broke Florence’s patriot son,
Stole the freedom of our geniuses -
And their wicked work has just begun!

For Assange is being tortured, 
As I write this tragic song. 
Our Father of the Internet,
Whose sacrifice has been lifelong.

And in the void of silence,
Where once we heard his voice -
I fear the path of history,
And his impossible, painful choice.

For knowledge is a sacred well,
And he served us all a drink. 
We must not hide from what we know -
Though fear might make us shrink.

He told us truths — yet hear such crickets!
From those “honorable” women and men.
The greatest mind of our generation,
Abandoned by both tongue and pen.

-Amber JoAnn