Stand Up to Darker Forces: Charlie Chaplin & The Great Dictator

 Charlie Chaplin in  The Great Dictator

Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator

Long ago, in the times of Kings & Queens,
There was no freedom of speech.
Only serfdoms, fiefdoms, and power-hungry kingdoms.

So who among us could speak in opposition?
Who among us would have the courage (or blind stupidity)
To say what needed to be said,
To tell people the truth,
Inspire action and tilt the scales towards
Empathy and Justice?

That would be the humble clown.

Meek, innocent, and often downright silly,
The clown is our Everyman,
Our Philosopher King - if only at a childlike level.
And it's the clown who courageously stands up to darker forces,
Shaking in his boots, or facing the enemy with skillets and pranks,
Completely honest and earnest,
Offering us all a bit of what Aristotle called Catharsis.

Because in the face of struggle, laughter is the best medicine of all.

So if you're feeling small,
Or confused-
But in your gut, you know right from wrong,
Tyranny from justice,
Love from selfishness,
And kindness from greed,

Then The Great Dictator,
Created by the world's finest clown,
Is the film for you.

Here's a taste of that clown's courage,
May it inspire your own.