Face Your Inner Demons: How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful

 Florence Welch waging war against her own personal conflicts. ( Source )

Florence Welch waging war against her own personal conflicts. (Source)

Just as light emerges from darkness,
So too can art rise up from chaos -
Painful truths bubbling just beneath the surface,
That at our most vulnerable, we're forced to acknowledge.

It's easier to second guess,
Give undeserved power to the scars that haunt us.

It's easier to follow the path
Of abandoned projects, ideas, and passions -
All cast aside, lost in abandoned notebooks,
Or lingering conversations we pray to avoid.

It's easier to go numb,
But the bottle only goes so far.

Eventually you just can't hide anymore.

You need that truth, your salvation,
Calling out for you to wake up, reach out, and take it.
Just as all around you crumbles,
Lines blurred as you get closer to the edge,
Propelled towards your deepest, darkest depths.
But look up.

And create your own way out.

Don't believe you can?
Listen to Florence & The Machine
How Big, How Blue, How Beautiful.

That album took courage.

Born of struggle,
Painful, personal, poetic-
Truth splashed across each note,
Cresting with lush and mighty sounds
That if you listen close enough,
Just might lead you from the dark.