Freelancing 101: Resources To Get You Started

Dive in and build your wings on the way down.

Unfortunately, there's no "Going Out On Your Own and Escaping Cubicle Nation: 101" course (well...if there is, we missed it). Freelancing is one of those decisions that many people think they can never make. It sounds great - working from home, setting your own hours, being your own boss - but how do you even know where to start?

If that sounds like you, here are a few resources that gave us the confidence to dive in from the very beginning. We hope they'll help you do the same! 


Founded by the wonderful Sara Horowitz, the Freelancer's Union will quickly become your go-to source for information on the 53-million-strong independent workforce. Their blog offers advice on everything from drafting contracts and setting rates to managing clients and taxes. They also connect freelancers to health and dental insurance at affordable rates. You can learn more at


The Den opens and closes periodically, but more than 1,200 writers are members. As the brain child of writer Carol Tice, The Den provides over 100 hours of tutorials for various writing skills, and quarterly boot camps are also offered. While you do have to pay a monthly fee of $25 for access, The Den never fails to offer meaningful advice, all with the goal of helping you earn what you deserve. Learn more at


Unlock your creative potential through the vibrant community and multitude of online courses available ad-free through Skillshare. With more than 2200 classes available, you can watch lessons in your own time and learn by doing. While they do offer various course options, such as photography, film and design, their writing programs are especially significant for copywriters and creatives. They currently offer classes in everything from writing for online engagement and email marketing to screenwriting and fiction. Start with 14 days free at


Offered through Chris Guillebeau's collection of Unconventional Guides, this particular resource for freelance writers was written by Amber Adrian, a 10+ year veteran of the freelance world. This course offers advice on everything from getting started, setting up your financials, pitching clients and time management. Whether you're interested in writing for publications, starting a writing business or just looking to make some extra money on the side, this guide is perfect for newbie and experienced writers alike. Learn more at Chris Guillebeau's site.