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Words by Sørensen

Based in Chicago,IL

A.J. Sørensen
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Our Pricing Structure

  1. All of our services are offered in 10 or 20 hour blocks, initially. We're happy to accommodate a more flexible structure once a long-term relationship has been established.
  2. We don't believe in penalizing you for phone calls or emails, especially since we need all of the insights you're willing to provide. So, we only charge for actual writing time. 
  3. We don't do contracts, deposits, formal proposals, or concrete statements of work. Why? Because, through extensive trial and error, we find that they don't work. Projects are always evolving, needs constantly shift, and we don't believe in bureaucracy for bureaucracy's sake. As a result, we require that hours be paid upfront. A simple "proposal/SOW" will be sent via email, and then we can get to work. Once a sprint has been completed and the deliverables have been submitted, we can determine whether or not to conduct another sprint. It's agile development applied to copywriting.

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