Meet A.J., or Amber

Urban fruit hunter, curious to a fault, writes from sunup till sundown, constantly thinking, and always working on building out her novels. Occasionally she creates poetry, but more often than not, ideas. Engineers customer experiences, mentors creative entrepreneurs, and digests information like a gluttonous bee. Crazy knowledgeable about all sorts of random things. Ask a question and she’ll buzz you in.


  • Degree in Political Philosophy; Thesis on Machiavelli & Morality won an award

  • Studied International Biz & Politics across the EU

  • Lived in Copenhagen for a year; helped build a textbook on the creative industries

  • Rode horses competitively throughout childhood in the hunter/jumpers

  • Crashed multiple vehicles, which is why she no longer drives

  • Loves being outside, solving idea puzzles, talking shop and eating watermelon with lime

Meet John, or yeah, just John

Resident hummus maker, voice of reason, editor-in-chief, Amber wrangler, and musician by night. Occasionally, he writes blog posts, but more often than not, he’s talking with clients about their goals. Crafts witty headlines & tags, helps business owners find their voice, and attacks every obstacle with Buddha-like calm. Chill, sincere, and easy to talk to. Have something you need to talk through? He’s all ears.


  • Wanted to become a school teacher originally; hard pivot to musician

  • Worked in sales for years, eventually with Tribune Publishing

  • Has never been to Denmark, but has deep Danish roots

  • Rose up the ranks of the Chicago music scene, playing in almost every respected venue from The Metro and Schubas to the Beat Kitchen and Empty Bottle, with Milwaukee Summer Fest & Taste of Chicago scattered in between  

  • Drives Amber around on fruit hunting adventures since she’s incapable of not crashing vehicles

  • Loves playing the drums, learning the guitar & piano, and helping his latest band grow

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