"So, what is it that you do?" 

Blast! The dreaded cocktail party question. Usually, we just say "we're writers," but that phrase barely scratches the surface. "Thinkers" seems pretentious, "copywriter" doesn't translate (no, we can't help you copyright something), and "content writer" is a better fit for the work we did years ago for a "how-to" content mill. Yes, we both worked in advertising for Tribune Publishing (thankfully before it became tronc), and did really well in English back in school...but none of that really serves us well as a description, now does it?

And while we'd love to say that we're "changing the world" and making it a better, more just place to live, the masses aren't about to join forces and rally behind some wayward couple armed with a few cheap notebooks and a dwindling stash of out-of-production Uni-ball micro point pens. (Could you imagine?)

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So what the hell is it that we do? Well, we're artists first and foremost - Amber with her fiction & poetry and John with his music - but what we'd like to think is that we're also elevating business writing to an art form...one somewhat related to architecture and possibly fashion design...anything related to construction or building, really.

Whatever the case, we take great pride in the work that we ship because every piece of writing has been the subject of deep thought and study, late night conversations, strategic discussions, and poetic construction. We embrace our emotional labor full force (as any good altMBA alum would), and everything is made-to-order.

But no matter the definition, we know that we're in the business of crafting memorable experiences and human connections through words. And we're fortunate to work with business owners and entrepreneurs who want to build relationships with their customers, empower their users through education, and create something truly remarkable. We're unbelievably grateful to be able to play a role in such a noble pursuit, and to get the opportunity to change what "business content" means in our own small way.

Of course, you can't say all that at a cocktail party. They'd take your glass of sauvignon blanc away real quick! So, for now, we'll just say "we're writers," then share a mischievous wink.

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