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Website Content



1-3 Sprints (20-60 hrs)

SEO-Minded Sales Copy

Copywriting for Optimal UX

All Descriptions, Taglines & Blurbs

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Blog Posts



Two (2) Blog Posts

1000-2000 Words Each

SEO-Focused Meta Data & Content

Social Media Blurbs for Promotion

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Sales Tools



Outside Research for Stats & Data

Interviews, Consults & Intake

Content Designed to be Dynamic

Work Per Hour or Per Sprint

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Website Content

In Latin, the word carmen signifies a song, poem, or enchanting spell - something carefully designed to calm troubled souls desperate for resolution. Your website can offer such an elixir through charming tales and branded myths, all arranged to enlighten, persuade, and assure. Such is the power of the written word: it can sway millions to act and think. 


Blog Posts

Break free of conformity in terms of language and tone with stylish prose that amuses, informs, and beguiles. Whether your audience is looking for lively conversation, unconventional ideas, or a deeper understanding, we can make reading your pages pure pleasure rather than mere work. Let's host a feast for weary minds.


Sales Tools

Shine a light towards your vision for the future, described in painstaking detail with a seductively simple message and bold sense of purpose. Then surprise your prospect by being clear and concise, not clouded in jargon; educate their decisions with facts, rather than assumptions and promises; and charm them with strong, persuasive arguments embellished with our signature style.


The Bookstore

What is knowledge if it is not actionable? How many books have you read that inspired, but ultimately failed in helping you apply those insights to your business or startup? We strive to shift this particular status quo with our unique workbooks & guides designed for DIY entrepreneurs eager to create something remarkable on their own. 


Book Your Project

If you're thinking about making a change, there's no better time than now. We can work with you to revamp older materials, compose new content, and transform your brand’s language within a single sprint. Reach out today. 


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