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What is it?

A methodology for business writing that's been informed by The Experience Economy, The Lean Startup, creative writing, and years of experience in marketing, advertising, and educational content creation. You can learn more about how we think in the Lab.

Is Word Alchemy right for me?

If you need fresh content or want to improve your existing business content, chances are, we can help you; however, to get the most out of Word Alchemy, we recommend that you have answers to these questions going in.

Word Alchemy
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Bios, eCourses, Blog Posts, Think Pieces, Branding, Website Content, Sales Tools, Press Releases, Product Descriptions, and more.

Who Are We?

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Samples from Our Portfolio

Meet Your Word Alchemists

(Wait, what's a Word Alchemist? We've got an answer for that.)

John Sørensen

You'll probably talk with me first, since out of the two of us, I'm the "people person." It's a quality that has come in handy over my decade working in advertising and sales. I'm the editor in the family, but I'm also the guy responsible for anything shorter than a sentence or two. Think titles, headlines, taglines, brief blurbs and Twitter. That's my trade. In terms of craft, I'm a drummer, a fan of all things Steinbeck, and can make a mean frittata.

A.J. Sørensen

You'll probably only hear from me when we need to talk strategy or discuss a draft. Long-form content is my trade, and I tend to take the lead on educational content, as I have nearly a decade of experience covering a wide range of topics. My work has been published by The Chicago Reader, Centerstage, and Chicago Literati. I'm also a regular contributor to Crixeo Magazine and a graduate of Seth Godin's altMBA program (6). As for my craft, I'm a playwright & poet, and always looking for an excuse to make fried chicken.

Join Us in the Lab

Because, as we've been told, brilliant writing is brilliant thinking.

What People Are Saying About Us:

Words By Sørensen are the best writers. They have mastered the art of storytelling, and sharing your thoughts & views in whatever you need them to compose. Their work ethic and integrity are outstanding and second to none! I would highly recommend them without any reservation. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed!
— Julie Hightower, TV Host of A Better Day With Julie
Words by Sørensen have been the nicest and easiest people we’ve ever worked with to develop content. Not only did they ask the right questions, but they always took a very unique approach to our ideas that really helped make our content stand out in the digital space.
Amber and John were my life savers. After trying to find the words & craft my brand without a clear direction, they stepped into the picture and saved the day. They were also able to take my thoughts, notes & ideas and turn them into exactly what I had envisioned to jump start my new business. My copy actually sounds like me, which was huge! Their attention to detail and commitment to my project was insane. Words, creativity, design...they have it all, a total package! Looking forward to working with you guys again very soon.
— KeAundra McIntyre, Founder of Raise + Rebel
Working with Amber and John was a true delight! They are focused and professional. On time - with heart and spirit in the right place. Understanding a project like Bies Diet and turning our website into ‘a blooming flower with lot’s of intriguing info’ takes a good portion of talent. They have it!
— Karsten Bie Jensen, Co-founder Bies Diet
Amber & John are incredible to work with. The process of presenting their work and implementing the changes I wanted was flawless. To be honest, I accepted 90% of their content suggestions. I only wanted some minor wording changes. Things that only I would know in my industry (I’m a freelance commercial photographer). More than anything else, I appreciated their perspective. I didn’t quite know it at the time, but I truly needed this. They did their homework in assessing the market and my competition. There are hundreds of photographers out there, so the most valuable service Amber & John provided was setting my brand apart. I cannot recommend them highly enough. You won’t regret making them part of your marketing plan.
— Jason Brown, Founder of J. Brown Photography
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