Words by Sørensen
Words by Sørensen
Compelling Sales Copy & Squarespace Design for Artists, Solo Endeavors, and DIY Business Owners

Want to be different?

Just be yourself.


We solve word problems.

(Thankfully, not the math kind.)

Need to generate leads with a compelling blog post or a casual, informative guide for your next download? We can craft it.

If you're losing sleep over that copy you had to throw together, or have a finished piece that still needs 'something!?' - we can fix it.

And if your website simply isn't converting like it should, we can spice up your story and turn browsers into buyers.

Just give us your unfinished business, and we'll put it to rest -
one problem at a time.

(But seriously, no math stuff.)




Copywriters & Editors
Brand Builders
info junkies
Squarespace Designers
Advisors & Artists
& scrappy freelancers

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Designed for small-to-midsize businesses.

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Designed for artist entrepreneurs.

Why Words by Sørensen?


What you see is what you get.

There are no complicated products or pricing structures.
Just one rate. Try as little or as much as you'd like.

There are no egos getting in the way of great work.
Just two writers who care as much as you do. 

And there are no freelance 'horror stories' in your future.
Just the most dependable writers you'll ever work with.

Because the surprises should be for your readers...
Not buried in the fine print

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A.J. is a storyteller.

You'll notice this right away - she always has a story to tell you, whether it's about an ancient belief long forgotten or the crazy experience she had last week. She's a story magnet, and keeps each and every one tucked away in her mind, saved for a rainy day.

Because, more than anything, A.J. believes that those who forget history are doomed to repeat it - and she just hates to think that we're all doomed.

She believes in the power of people, information, and our ideas; and she wants to see those ideas spread.

That's why she's a storyteller -
Offering a spoonful of sugar to help the medicine go down.

A.J. Sørensen bringing peace to warring Panda factions.

A.J. Sørensen bringing peace to warring Panda factions.

John Sørensen lost in Wonderland (aka New Orleans).

John Sørensen lost in Wonderland (aka New Orleans).

John is a brand liaison.

And he's obsessed with making sure that the right story finds the right people, the ones who need it most. He's an every man who will gladly start a conversation with just about anyone, and his easy, jovial character shines through in all the work he produces.

Whether it's a charming tagline, an intriguing header, or just an unexpected wink to the reader that makes 'em smile, John is dedicated to making sure that your audience is never bored.  

Because if we don't make a great first impression,
How can we ever create a lasting one?

A Few Rave Reviews

Words by Sørensen have been the nicest and easiest people we’ve ever worked with to develop content. Not only did they ask the right questions, but they always took a very unique approach to our ideas that really helped make our content stand out in the digital space.
Energy boost for words that lasts beyond 5 hours. It’s word fuel that works!
Amber and John take the time to understand your product and your clientele. They create content that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with prospective customers. WBS is responsive, committed, and transparent with their procedures and pricing. I’d go to them for all my content needs every time!”
Working with Amber and John was a true delight! They are focused and professional. On time - with heart and spirit in the right place. Understanding a project like Bies Diet and turning our website into “a blooming flower with lot’s of intriguing info” takes a good portion of talent. They have it!
— Karsten Bie Jensen

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