Words by Sørensen
Words by Sørensen
Compelling Sales Copy & Squarespace Design for Artists, Solo Endeavors, and DIY Business Owners

you're here because you have a



You've trained, studied, and perfected your craft

Sacrificing your time, money, and sleep - all while working at a job you hate, just to get by. You're tired of waiting to be picked. You feel ready to take the leap. To take a chance. To prove that you can.

You're ready to finally pick yourself.

But choosing to differ from the status quo can be exhausting. Some will think you're crazy for going out on your own, for rebelling against the grain; others may question your talent or ability to pull it off. And most people you know won't be as much help as you'd thought. After all, what do they even know about this stuff?

And that's when imposter syndrome starts kicking In:

"What do I even know about this stuff? I'm just an artist, a craftsman really...I don't know how to run a business..."


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Project 1099

6 Deliverables
5 Weeks
4 Video Chats
3 Phases
2 Rounds of Revisions
1 Digital Experience

[Enter stage right]
Words by Sørensen


As artists ourselves,

We completely understand the resistance: the procrastination, fear of change, and self-sabotage that often holds us back from following our true calling. But we powered through it, learned to navigate the maze of running our own business, and we're here to share that knowledge with you. Whether you're an actor, writer, plumber, or freelancer, we know you take your craft seriously. Our job is just to get you through the maze and provide you with the guidance, sales tools, and digital presence you'll need to become self-sufficient, and ultimately, a successful artist entrepreneur.


Words by Sørensen have been the nicest and easiest people we’ve ever worked with to develop content. Not only did they ask the right questions, but they always took a very unique approach to our ideas that really helped make our content stand out in the digital space.
— Motivate Design
Energy boost for words that lasts beyond 5 hours. It’s word fuel that works!
— Peter Altieri, Wine Channel TV
Amber and John take the time to understand your product and your clientele. They create content that captures the essence of your brand and resonates with prospective customers. WBS is responsive, committed, and transparent with their procedures and pricing. I’d go to them for all my content needs every time!
— Balu Kadiyala, Founder of SchoolRush!
John and Amber were able to be very nimble, creative team players despite last minute requests and an evolving target. Their attention to detail from content to the consumer’s experience was an A+. I would highly recommend them for copywriting needs.
— Amrita Dhaliwal, Managing Director of Dal Vivo Theatre

Our Program includes:

  • One-on-one consulting
  • Brand exploration & analysis
  • Brand name & tagline
  • Squarespace website
  • Sales copy for your website
  • Social media & SEO guide
  • Social media profile copy
  • Custom social media cover photos
  • 3 blog posts & recommended titles
  • And the confidence you'll need to take names and kick ass.

Why WBS? 

John & A.J. Sørensen

Our goal is to uncover your brand's truest, most authentic self. 

Every sentence, every word, every piece of "content" that your business sends out into the world matters. What you say, and how you say it, matters. And you have the amazing opportunity (dare we say, obligation) to say it in a way that's unique to you.

And as copywriters, web designers, and brand coaches, we're here to help you do exactly that.

Because your message shouldn't be a bygone conclusion...
It should be a work of art. 


Ready to get woke?